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About the Owner:

My name is Rolando Vasquez and I am the owner of DBR Auto Detail. To be honest, detailing was never a career I thought I would land in. I started my detailing in high school and at the age of 18 bought a 1996 Camry and welded a water tank to the back seat. It was dangerous and I scared all of my dates, but it worked! In 2009 I went to San Diego State University and left with two degrees and no debt thanks to detailing. During this time I noticed that there was a whole world instead of just washing cars. There were people spending over 80 hours on a car detail and there was a demand for it. Cars were fully disassembled and each and every panel down to the bolt was meticulously detailed. From here I began to rethink my career path and ventured into the world of high-end detailing. I flew out of state and shadowed some of the best veteran detailers I knew.

I traveled for a whole year absorbing as much knowledge as I could. In 2012 I officially opened DBR Auto Detail and I never looked back. On my off time I like to wrench on my E92 M3 and I am currently expecting my first baby boy Dec 2021.

About the Business:

DBR Auto Detail was officially formed in 2012 to fill in a gap in the detailing industry. The goal was to do the complete opposite of what everyone else was doing. Instead of rushing a car and focusing on quantity we wanted to spend our time on each vehicle. Lower quantity and increase quality. Let’s be honest, when shops are too packed, corners are cut to increase productivity. We know this because many detailers start at the dealership level and experience this first hand. Our clientele ranges from die-hard automotive enthusiasts all the way to those that do not identify as “car people” but still want to take care of their investment. DBR Auto Detail strives to always use the best products and chemicals on your vehicles.

If you see our showroom you will note that we do not skimp on equipment. Our shop is equipped with air purifiers, dehumidifiers and air conditioning to make sure any ceramic coating related product will be applied correctly. If you are looking for a totally different experience, look no further than DBR Auto Detail

Thank You DBR !!! 2021 Outback looks awesome inside and out. Seth did a unbelievable job looks better than showroom. Explain care and maintenance after ceramic coating application. Would highly recommend Rolando and Seth.

Mary S.

Murrieta, CA
I can’t express enough how great of a job these guys did! My Tesla is looking sharp! I did the ceramic coating which I highly recommend sooner then later for your car once purchased. Quality and shine are incredible! From here on out for a few years it’s just general maintenance needed. Staff are very knowledgeable and offer several services. Turn around time was phenomenal as well. Great company, I will definitely utilize them again!

Connie G.

Temecula, CA


Our quest to continually challenge the car detailing limits in pursuit of new goals is evident in the multiple automotive awards our clients’ cars have won. Our team also attends yearly advanced training to maintain our edge and guarantee you receive the best results available in Temecula & Murrieta.


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