Honda S2000CR

We were lucky to receive this awesome Honda S2000 CR and collaborate with other shops to bring it back to tip top shape. With only 700 CRs made and not accounting for totalled models this is definitely a collector vehicle. The cool thing about the owner is that he also likes to track his vehicles, and he is very good at it!

When we officially received the CR we noticed the front end was a little too far gone for our abilities and it was best to repaint the front end of the vehicle.A few weeks pass and we receive the vehicle after the paint has fully off gassed. We do a full decon and wash and thorough clay bar treatment. The CR Wing and top are safely removed so we can polish the tonneau cover behind the seats. With the wing removed we can finally reach areas that the polisher would not fit into. 

After a few days of polishing she is ready to hit the streets in style and we are happy to be able to save the existing paint and avoid doing a full vehicle repaint. The front end at rockers received XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) to protect from rock chips. We coated the paint with our top Cquartz Finest coating then heat cured it to speed up the cure time. Thank you for checking out our project!