Viper GTS Paint correction and CS-II Ceramic Coating

I received this awesome Viper GTS with the goal of bringing her back to show quality and protecting that gloss with one of our new (to us) ceramic coatings, CS-II Titanium. If you have followed us for the past 10 years you know we are very picky with the ceramic coating options we offer. CS-II being our newest addition already had a proven track record and had an option we needed to fill, self healing abilities. The initial paint condition was your usual swirls and some factory sand marks scattered about. I also noticed a rotary polisher had been previously used as certain panels contained holograms.

After a few days of polishing it was time to ceramic coat the paint with our CS-II Titanium ceramic coating. CS-II Titanium is two coats consisting of a base coat for thickness, and a Titanium coat for hydrophobics and chemical resistance. Average field tested life of this coating is 5 years with proper care. Thank you for reading if you own a Viper, let us know how we can make your ride shine for years to come. 

Rolando (Owner of DBR Auto Detail)